Help Sky Ranch Bear and Fire Recovery With Your Thrivent Choice Dollars!

As you probably know by now, Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp was ordered to evacuate on June 12 of this year because of the High Park Fire, one of the largest in Colorado’s history. For the next 19 days, we relocated our summer camp program to Highlands Presbyterian Camp near Estes Park. We are thankful for the firefighters who protected Sky Ranch and helped contain the fire!

On June 30, Andy Sprain and I were allowed back into Sky Ranch to assess damage and prepare for our eventual return. Imagine our surprise when we were greeted by two bears inhabiting our lodge. They had fled the fire and found refuge – and food – in our kitchen and trash shed. What a mess! After an initial clean-up, we returned to camp two days later to discover that the bear(s) had also returned. Besides the mess, the bears broke a water line in the kitchen, dumping thousands of gallons of water into the basement restrooms and maintenance (electrical) room.

It is a huge mess!  It will take time – and money – to get it all cleaned up and repaired. 

As a result of our unplanned evacuation/relocation to Highlands Presbyterian Camp and the damage caused by the bears during their two visits, we have unbudgeted bills totaling more than $65,000 so far.

You can help! We hope that you will designate your Thrivent Choice allocated dollars to Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp to help with our clean-up and repairs. Last year, 202 individuals from 15 states chose to designate their Thrivent Choice Dollars for Sky Ranch. These wonderful gifts totaled over $40,000 – the most Thrivent Choice money received by any individual organization in the eight state area around Colorado! To all Thrivent members who sent their choice dollars our way; thank you!  If you previously designated Thrivent Choice dollars to Sky Ranch as a recurring donation, you must renew that designation for 2012. 

Here are step by step instructions on how to designate your funds on-line.

1. Log on to

2. Sign in with your username and password or register for an account.

3. Once you have signed in, select the “Direct Choice Dollars” button for Thrivent Choice in the right hand side.

4. In the middle of the next page, type in “Lutheran Ranches of the Rockies.” in the “Organization Name” box, leave “City” blank, and click search.

5. Next to our camp name, you will click the “Direct Now” button. You will be able to assign all or part of your choice dollars to us. You can also set it up so Sky Ranch continues to get your future Thrivent Choice Dollars as well.

6. Click the “submit” button and your Thrivent Choice Dollars will be sent to our ministry.

This is just one more way that you can give to support Sky Ranch. If you have any questions about the process call our office at 970-493-5258. If you know of someone who is a Thrivent member, encourage them to designate their “Thrivent Choice Dollars” to Sky Ranch as well!