Thrivent Choice Giving Continues

In the past four years Sky Ranch has received over $150,000 Thrivent Choice dollars designated from over 300 individuals in 22 different states. Historically this is the most Thrivent Choice money received by any individual organization in the eight state region around Colorado! To all Thrivent members who directed choice dollars our way; Thank You! Thrivent Choice Dollars make a HUGE impact at Sky Ranch!  Each and every gift helps another child come to camp!

Your contributions have allowed Sky Ranch to support children in attending camp by providing camperships and support to foster children and families. It has also helped us to host no –cost work weekends for groups and individuals, to prepare camp for its summer of ministry. We have been able to explore new ministry opportunities, partnering with congregations and local agencies to minister to victims of the historic floods of 2013 and refugee families in Northern Colorado.

All eligible Thrivent members are allocated an amount of money called choice dollars which they can direct to the charitable organization of their choice. Benefit members are those who are currently paying premiums on life insurance, long term disability or long term care insurance products sold by Thrivent Financial.

If you are a Thrivent Financial member, we encourage you to continue to designate your Thrivent Choice Dollars to Sky Ranch.  If you haven’t designated your Thrivent choice dollars, please consider choosing Sky Ranch (Lutheran Ranches of the Rockies). Each and every gift helps this ministry in powerful ways. Please help spread the word to other Thrivent members.

It’s easy to give or renew. Visit designate your funds online, or call 1-800-847-4836, ask for “Thrivent Choice,” then choose to give your “Choice Dollars” to “Lutheran Ranches of the Rockies”. If you have any questions about the process call our office at 970-493-5258.

Thank you to our local Thrivent Financial Reps and Fraternal Staff for all they do to support the ministry of Sky Ranch!