• Vehicle with reasonable gas usage for staff travel
  • Mini Van for Traveling Day Camp
  • 2 seat Gator utility vehicle
  • Heavy Duty Kitchen Hand Mixer
  • Bobcat with a backhoe attachment
  • 20 Twin Mattresses for Christ Lodge
  • 4 Queen Mattresses for Christ Lodge
  • Grow lights to grow seedlings for greenhouse
  • 3 – 16’ x 16’ Canvas Tents ($2,000)
  • Industrial Wood Chipper ($420 per day rental fee)
  • 40’ x 80’ Maintenance building

Your designated donation will buy:

  • $2500 will supply materials for a composting outhouse
  • $1500 will add “lower level” to High Ropes Challenge Course
  • $750 will purchase a pressure booster pump for the Christ Lodge water system
  • $500 will purchase all new cooking gear for high wilderness backpacking program
  • $250 will purchase external hard drive space for camp photos and videos
  • $100 will purchase new gator balls for field games
  • $50 will purchase office paper for the summer office
  • $25 will purchase candy for the Sky Ranch Table at the Middle School Youth Gathering

Volunteers always needed for work projects during the week & weekends year round.  “Leave a Trace”

Contact our office at 970-493-5258 or

For more information, contact our office at 970-493-5258 or