Sky Ranch Spotlight


Robin Lutjohann

Last June, as I was finishing my pastoral internship at Abiding Hope Lutheran Church in Littleton, CO, I got to accompany a group of sixth and seventh graders to a week at Sky Ranch. Having never gone to any kind of camp as a kid (especially not a “church camp”), I was unsure what to expect. Pop culture references and anecdotes from friends seemed to suggest I was in for a week of silly songs, hands-on games, and outdoorsy activities. And, yes, there was plenty of that. (And, yes, I sang the silly songs at the top of my lungs.) But there was so much more!

Every day started, ended, and was peppered throughout with worship services, led by staff and kids, bursting with creativity and carried by mighty voices echoing through the forests. Our meals were raucous, sacred, delicious family feasts, with everyone pitching in to help. Our cabins bore holy names of the Church’s great fighters for social justice: Dorothy Day, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Rosa Parks, Desmond Tutu, and others! And throughout all of it, we reflected communally on a series of daily Gospel-centered themes, with a level of critical depth and radical emphasis on discipleship that I rarely see even among adults in the Church. Seeing kids and grown-ups discuss their calling to serve and love one another, to care for creation, and to seek justice for the poor — this filled me with a powerful hope still resounding at my deepest center.

It was like an intergenerational monastery with spaghetti dinners and s’mores! It was like an example of what the church is meant to be: meals, songs, worship, creation, justice, and community! It was for me an image of God’s kingdom.

I would like to thank the talented and passionate staff of Sky Ranch for the thought, heart, prayer, and grit they pour into their work on that mountain. They need to hear just how much of an impact it has, not only on the kids, but equally on the adults, who find in this community a source of renewed energy and focus for their own work.

Robin Lutjohann
Boston, MA

Each month we will highlight a story from a camper, staff, adult sponsor volunteer or guest on their experience at Sky Ranch. 

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