Sky Ranch Spotlight

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Sky Ranch—A Place of Unending Support

From the top of high ropes, you have a gorgeous view. The Mummy Mountain Range, the lodge, frolf course, campground, and dozens of other places that make up Sky Ranch. But the most important view from the top of high ropes is the view directly below you. Because while you conquer the course, below you is a sea of faces offering continuous encouragement and support.

It was a joy to come back to a place that I have held near and dear to my heart as a staff member and past camper. Full of laughter, memories, faith, support, and love, Sky Ranch truly lives out its mission to facilitate an encounter with Christ. And that all comes from the overwhelming support, love and positivity of the staff, campers, and sponsors.

High Ropes is a good example of this.

The fundamental principle of high ropes and low ropes at camp is “Challenge by choice”. This means that participants have the opportunity to challenge themselves to the course, but are not required to do so. One of the most amazing moments to see this summer was watching one of my campers, a Homesteader, climb up the ropes course. Earlier in the week, she had said that she did not want to go anywhere near the course. She was afraid, and that was completely understandable. As we neared the time to try the course, she kept getting more nervous. When our time for high ropes came, she made the decision to try it out. And she did. It took some time, but she eventually made it to the first platform where participants clip in to the obstacles. As she stepped on to the first part, she cried and continued to cry. But when she looked down, her entire cabin, Day, was cheering her on. The cheers and support were endless. Each girl from the cabin wanted to cheer her on, and they stood directly below her each time she made a step on the course, shouting her name and yelling, “You Can Do It!” There were even moments when they started singing off key versions of deck songs so she wouldn’t be afraid. The entire time the camper was on the course, the girls never stopped cheering. Watching from one of the platforms, I was overwhelmed. It was incredible to see this much support for one camper. Fast forward a few days to cabin closing. The camper looked around the circle at the girls and said, “I saw God this week through all of you. Because you cheered me on and helped me to get through high ropes.”

Yes, the view from the top of high ropes is gorgeous. But the view of the people around you is even better. Whether it is high ropes, backpacking, day hikes, traveling day camp, off-site work or just sitting around the table at dinner, the support from the people around you is overwhelming. From support shown towards others during challenges at camp, so do we as humans, have the support and love from a God who is always watching out for us.

Simply put, I am grateful for this camp. I am grateful for the community, the people, and the mission of Sky Ranch. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for each and every one of the staff. Their smiling faces and support are what kept me going all summer! And most of all, I am grateful for moments like these that remind me and others just how much our Savior loves us.


-Caitlin Almer

Each month we will highlight a story from a camper, staff, adult sponsor volunteer or guest on their experience at Sky Ranch. 

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