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Ben Fulton - Alumni

Ben Fulton, Middle Row, Second from Let
Photo of Sky Ranch Alumni from Lutheran Outdoor Ministry Conference


My journey at Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp started back in 1980 and I was 3 years old! Definitely a perk of being a Pastors Kid!

Kathryn asked that I try to recall a specific story of how camp has touched my life, and wow is that a hard thing to do! I attended camp every year from that point until I became a counselor in 1996. I feel confident saying that my time at Sky Ranch helped shape who I am and what I do for a living now! It was at camp that I was able to really understand what it was to be in a community of believers. Camp was fun, and the mountains were beautiful but the most impact was from the people. Caring counselors, meaningful campfire worships under the stars, and the famous dance at the end of the week! Encountering other kids from all around the country and building relationships with people that have lasted a lifetime.

It was at Sky Ranch that I felt called to the ministry. I have wanted to be a Camp Director my whole life! Who wouldn’t? To be in a place where you can see the Holy Spirit work through people every day! I am now the Director of Camp Tomah Shinga in Kansas and all that I do is based on the community that I experienced up at Sky Ranch.

So there isn’t one specific instance that had an impact on my life, but all of them! And every time I hear Rocky Mountain High, it takes me right back to those campfires under the stars in the most beautiful place in the world surrounded by a community of believers all on the same Journey!

Ben Fulton
Executive Director, Tomah Shinga, KS

Each month we will highlight a story from a camper, staff, adult sponsor volunteer or guest on their experience at Sky Ranch. 

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