Sky Ranch specializes in service learning experiences focused on stewardship, relationships, and the practice of our faith. Every trip is led by two staff members with a bible study centered on the unique experience that your group will have. Trips are offered every week throughout the summer. 

TRIP OPTIONS – Program availability varies by week – Completed Grades 8-12 – $430

Adopt-A-Trail, Sky Ranch Work with the US Forest Service and Sky Ranch on conservation projects and trail improvements. We will teach you how to maintain, repair, and improve trails while onsite at Sky Ranch and then head out on trail to put the skills to good use.

Harvest Farm, Wellington, CO Run by the Denver Rescue Mission, Harvest Farm helps alcohol and chemically dependent men put life back together and learn vocational skills. Working along side the residents, you will hear their powerful stories and see the Spirit alive in them.

Leave a Trace, Sky Ranch Renovate our facilities for generations to come. Groups will complete a predetermined project, such as building a deck, trail maintenance, or a cabin renovation, as well as join together with the Sky Ranch community with team building, worship and Bible study.

Refugee Communities, Fort Morgan, CO Experience the gift of community in unique and powerful ways. Hosted by Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer, the week will consist of serving in local agencies and partnerships focused on supporting the refugee and immigrant populations.

Urban Immersion, Denver, CO See God’s active work in the heart of the city as you explore the challenges of hunger, poverty, and homelessness first hand. Working in a variety of local nonprofit organizations, participants will discover that they personally have a part to play in being the hands and feet of God out in the world!

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Interested in a Four Winds Service trip for your high school or adult group? Please call our office for more information – 970-493-5258.

Not all programs options are available for all dates and each program has a limited number of spots. We will work hard to find a program that meets your interests on a date that works for your group.
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