This is your source for all the forms required to participate in programs at Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp.

In order for the check in process to run smoothly, WE ASK THAT YOU SEND IN ALL FORMS AT LEAST THREE WEEKS PRIOR TO YOUR ARRIVAL AT CAMP. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or having trouble downloading or understanding how to fill a form out, please call our office (970.493.5258) and we will answer any questions that you have.


2015 Forms Checklist
Quick guide to all the forms that you need to have ready before you arrive at camp

2015 What to Pack
Packing Guide for Environmental Education,
Seekers, Rendezvous, Round-Up, Homesteaders, Mountaineers and Specialty Camps.

2015 Participant Release
REQUIRED FOR ALL PROGRAMS and includes emergency contact information, information on who can transport your camper, and a liability waiver.

2015 Participant Health Form
REQUIRED FOR ALL PROGRAMS and includes a health history and space for details of necessary medications. This form must be signed by a Physician or Licensed Nurse Practitioner and be accompanied by a physical exam current within 24 months.

2015 Medication Form Necessary for campers attending camp with any medications, including prescription, over the counter, vitamins, or herbal supplements.
Colorado Certificate of Immunization
REQUIRED FOR ALL PROGRAMS and provides a record of immunizations required by the state of Colorado.

Asthma Care Plan
Necessary for campers who have asthma and carry an inhaler.

Epi Pen Care Plan
Necessary for campers who have severe allergies and carry an epi pen.

2015 Rafting Assumption of Risk
REQUIRED FOR ALL RENDEZVOUS PARTICIPANTS or any high school campers whose program includes a rafting component.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register with my Church?
No.  You can sign up for all of our programs as an individual, as a family, with your friends, or with your church.

When does the week start and end?
Check In is between 2:00 – 4:00 on Sunday afternoon.  Friday worship begins at 11:00 am and there is a closing BBQ that follows.  Participants are usually ready to leave by 12:30 pm.

Round Up! Session I check in is on Sunday 2:00 – 4:00, with closing worship on Tuesday at 11:00, followed by a closing meal. 

Where will I sleep?
It depends o the program but most of our programs spend the week in cabins with electrical heat and bunk beds.  Each cabin sleeps up to 12 people.  Some programs include outings in our platform tents or backpacking tents.

Who will I spend my week with?
Sky Ranch is a small group ministry, which means you will spend most of your time with the people in your cabin.  Each cabin has a counselor who will be with you for worship, meals, your day hike, and electives.

What will I spend my week doing?
Every week is filled with team building, worship, Bible studies, a day hike, group games, and visits with our program specialists, including Creative Arts, Creation Education, Food Education, Worship and Music, Archery, Pioneer History, Adventure Based Learning, and Ranch Hand.  Each program also includes activities specific to that program.

What sets Sky Ranch apart from other camps?
Sky Ranch is located high in the Colorado Rockies, surrounded by more than a million acres of open space.  We pride ourselves on our small group ministry and our experiential learning approach.  A week at Sky Ranch is filled with appreciating God’s presence in our lives, both onsite and on trail, with a small community of your peers.