The mission of Sky Ranch is to facilitate an encounter with Christ on the mountaintop. We only succeed in our mission when we have people at camp. Help us by sharing our story with friends and neighbors and inviting them to come with you up to Sky Ranch!

A special note on price – Everyone that registers before April 15, 2017 will receive a $20 early registration discount. 
 2017 Program Pricing
Pricing Grades (Graduate From) Registration Fee

Round Up 1st – 3rd $200
Homesteaders 3rd – 5th $400
Mountaineers 6th – 8th $400
Seekers Determined by Church $400
Confirmation Intensive Determined by Church $425
Rendezvous 9th – 12th $440
High Wilderness Backpacking 9th – 12th $430
Four Winds Service Trip 9th – 12th $430
Youth Go! 9th – 12th $440
SIT 16 years old + $150


No participant is turned away from Sky Ranch because of financial position!

Each year, hundreds of youth are in need of financial support to attend a camping program. Sky Ranch offers scholarship assistance to support campers in need of aid to attend camp programs they would not otherwise be able to attend due to lack of financial resources. Many youth receive support to attend camp from their own congregations. But in some cases, congregations are not able to provide enough support, particularly those who are serving areas of significant need.

Scholarships are also requested by many who are not attending Lutheran churches who wish to offer a week of camp to their children or grandchildren, or to youth who may be in special circumstances, such as in foster homes. Regardless of church affiliation, or lack thereof, we will do everything possible to enable youth and families to attend camp.

To request a camper scholarship, please call our office at 970.493.5258. 

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Trouble Registering? Contact Campwise
Parent Support Line: 1-866-433-4548

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To reserve a group of spots for your congregation call our office – 970-493-5258 – or email Ally, our Office Manager.



Individual Deposits:

A $100 deposit is due at the time your registration, with final payment due before / at the time of your arrival. The deposit and program fee is nonrefundable, except in the case of mitigating circumstances, such as illness, handled on a case by case basis.

Group Deposits:

A signed copy of the contract, along with a $500 deposit, is needed to solidify the registration. Final payment due by either the congregation or individuals before / at the time of arrival. Balances not paid within a month following the program may be subject to a 10% late fee. Please call our office to request a modified payment schedule. Credit Card payments over $1,000 will be charged a 4% processing fee. 


A $20 early registration discount is given to anyone registered online by April 15th.
Sky Ranch offers a sibling discount of $15 per family member in the same household.

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