sky_ranch_map copy

Please note:

a. The Shell Station (formerly Conoco) is the last gas stop. Make sure you have enough gas for another 100 miles.
b. The turn-off for Pingree Park Road is between mile marker 96-97. From Fort Collins, if you arrive at Rustic, you have gone approx 5 miles too far.
c. Pingree Park Rd is gravel and has some narrow and sharp curves. There are also places with washboard, so please drive carefully. It is strongly recommended that you plan your arrival before dark. Drive carefully.
d. The final turn is marked by a large Forest Service sign with Tom Bennett Campground and Sky Ranch, approximately 16 miles from Highway 14. If you miss this turn, you will drive another 1/2 a mile before arriving at Pingree Park where you can turn around.
e. Vehicle GPS systems have been known to get lost on the way up to Sky Ranch. It is recommended that you either print off directions or the map, in addition to your GPS. The physical address for Sky Ranch is 38999 Co Rd 44H, Bellvue, CO 80512.
f. If you have any additional questions, please call for directions…Sky Ranch (970) 881-2113 or Sky Ranch Administrative Office (970) 493-5258.
g. You will lose cell phone reception as soon as you enter the Poudre Canyon, so please make sure you know where you are going prior to leaving town.