Dear Sky Ranch,

What happened? You used to be such a calm and peaceful place. I miss the days where I could wander the meadow at my leisure, when I was able to take a walk without being disturbed. But now, when I walk by the lodge early in the morning adults are already outside chatting. When I head into the meadow, hoping for my morning meal, campers are singing and yelling at the forest, which disrupts my eating habits. I want the quiet back! I want to be able to stroll the woods late at night without running into campfires or people walking around with pesky flashlights. What happened?

A moose who just wants to be left alone


Dear Moose,

Thanks for your presence here at camp. You are a great example for my campers of what God’s creation is all about. When I go on a morning walk with my cabin group, and we see you moving through the trees, we are able to have a discussion about how God created all living things with different gifts and strengths. My campers get to see that this world is not all about them, and that their actions influence other creatures. Thanks for being so hospitable and making this first week of summer so great!

A happy counselor

(Written by Kristen Lee – Weekend Coordinator)