The kitchen at Sky Ranch is a busy place full of laughter, hard work, and delicious food throughout the day, but nothing fills the kitchen more than the sound of laughter coming from the dish room. As campers come in throughout the week to volunteer and help clean dishes after meals, we watch the Sky Ranch community grow and grow. Aprons that go past the campers’ knees and competitions about who has a dirtiest sink do not go unnoticed by the weekly kitchen staff who cherish the 30 minutes of time with the small but mighty helpers.

“Can we do this all day tomorrow?” questioned a Sky Ranch camper today. As the kitchen staff pleaded alongside the camper, the trusted counselor said “Have as much fun as you can in 5 minutes!” And so we did!

Sky Ranch is a place of learning, praising God, and living in community. The opportunity that campers receive to work alongside the summer staff, whether it is watering the garden, laying mulch along the paths, or helping out with dishes, provides a unique opportunity to work together for the benefit of others and the whole community up here on the mountain top.

Mallory Werth
Sky Ranch Summer Staff 2015,2016