Monday night at camp is our “Created” worship. One of the activities during worship is the creation of “I am” flags. Campers create a prayer flag of some of their unique gifts that they bring to our camp community in an expression of their unique identities as children of God. Later in the week these flags are hung up in the worship space so that campers remain a part of the Sky Ranch community even as they are sent out into the world.

Last night at worship, there was one cabin group that was a little rambunctious and was finding it hard to settle down. But once the prayer flags were handed out and the activity began, these campers settled down and became more invested in the worship service, both the “I am” activity and the rest of the songs and prayers in the service. Watching campers as they open up throughout the camp week and become more engaged with the different activities, especially our many different worship experiences, is a highlight for a lot of our staff.

– Kristen Lee
Weekend Coordinator