This Thanksgiving I had the unique opportunity to attend a worship service with my sister and her five roommates who are a part of a program called DOOR (Discovering Opportunities for Outreach and Reflection).  The service was an interfaith worship at Mountview Presbyterian in Denver, CO.  This particular worship contained members from Presbyterian, Buddhist, Jewish, Unitarian, Methodist and Catholic backgrounds, with each belief system represented in a piece of the service.  

The service included chants, songs, prayers, readings and psalms; each with a unique component to the different religions present.  Half way through the service I leaned over to my sister and said “do you think they’ll do communion,” . . . she shrugged in response.  This brings me to the part of the service that really stuck out to me; “the sharing of the breads.”  It wasn’t the communion most of us would expect but rather a prayer and then sharing of various types of bread from each religion passed down the aisle in baskets.  Yes it even included gold fish.  It was an opportunity for each person to, no matter their background, share in the body of Christ and give thanks as one community- Pretty powerful stuff. 

Reflecting on this service, I thought of camp.  Camp, simply put, is a place for people from all backgrounds to come together and “Encounter Christ on the Mountaintop.”  It’s a place where Catholics, Presbyterians, Mennonites, Nondenominational, etc, come together to a place set apart, a place where God’s amazing Grace is ever present.  It’s a place where I have been challenged, educated, and introduced to those religions while still remaining true to my Lutheran belief system.  I have come to realize the more you know about someone or something, you begin to see the similarities instead of focus on the differences.  It becomes a community united instead of a group divided.  A community that I think can all agree that we have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. 

Kathryn Seyfarth
Program Director