Dear Parents,

I’m going to teach you a new singing grace that your campers learned. It is to the tune of “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow”:

Oh the weather outside is frightful, But God’s love is so delightful!
And since He loves us so, Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!
We thank You for this food, It puts us in a really good mood!
And since we like to praise You every day, Thank You God Thank You God always! Amen!

Yesterday the lodge was transformed. After walking under a “blizzard” (A blue tarp staff members held up and waved around at the doors into the lodge) your campers found themselves eating lunch in a space surrounded by snowflakes and a green tarp Christmas tree, song lyrics altered to fit our counselors names in them hung from pillars, Christmas music was blaring from a corner in the room and a big banner read “Nurtured In A Winter Summer Land!” to tie in our theme for the day. Your camper’s counselors facilitated conversations not only about your camper’s favorite Christmas songs but also about the meaning of Christmas and how Christmas fits into the theme of being nurtured.

Sometimes the best moments at camp are those that happen without warning, or occur spontaneously. It is the time when your camper gives an incredibly profound prayer at breakfast asking God to walk with him on trail just like God walks with him throughout his life, when your camper overcomes her fears and completes all of the high ropes elements knowing God has her back, when your camper makes a connection from the bible story back to her life at home that resonates with her cabin mates making the transition back down the mountain easier, or when your camper leads a song during worship because he is confident in using one of his many gifts within the community.

It is only Wednesday. We have a day and a half left to allow your campers to be in conversation and discussion, challenging them and placing them in settings for growth and an understanding of God’s unconditional love for them. We also have a day and a half left to have our sprits filled with the spontaneous and wonderful words, actions, and moments your campers share with us and we could not be more excited or thankful.

Thank you for sharing your campers with us, we cannot wait to see what the rest of the week will bring as we continue to “Come As We Are” even with Christmas in June!


Hailey Johnson
Onsite Coordinator