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One of our partners in ministry, Evergreen Lutheran Church, currently has an opening for a leadership position.

The job description and contact information is as follows:

Evergreen Lutheran Church is seeking a Children, Youth & Family Minister. This vitally important position is perfect for a creative and energetic person with excellent relationship building skills and a strong Christian faith and background. This individual will be given broad responsibility and accountability to build and execute a balanced youth program which will strengthen the faith of our young people and change their lives. The CYF Minister will be expected to provide a solid, Christian foundation for the Church’s children by overseeing the Sunday School Program along with recruiting and mobilizing volunteers.  ELC offers a very competitive salary, commensurate vacation benefits and most importantly, an opportunity to serve Jesus Christ by serving the Church and her members.

If you are seeking a ministry position where you can:

  1. Apply your creativity and leadership skills to serve young people and teach Christian principles by your personal example;
  2. Become an integral part of an inclusive, hospitable, vibrant and growing church;
  3. And, join a dynamic leadership team,

we invite you to respond by sending your resume to Pastor Vera Guebert-Steward along with a short letter of introduction which outlines why you are attracted to this position.  Respond to:  For a complete job description:

Digging Deep into Theology

As the summer staff prepares to facilitate encounters with Christ on the mountaintops, we have been gifted with the opportunity to dig deep into our own beliefs.

Our theology sessions began with Pastor Dan Rift, director of ELCA World Hunger and Disaster Appeal. He challenged us to reflect on moments where we felt God’s presence and also made us aware of times when we might have stifled that sense for others.

Next we were joined by Pastor Sarah Moening of Bishop Gonia’s staff who opened the discussion of faith and invited us to celebrate our diverse backgrounds and spiritual journeys.

The following day Pastor Louise Johnson of the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia joined us to share the historical context and major themes of Lutheran theology. Pastor Louise also shared her gifts of worship with our group.

Yesterday Pastor Doug Hill of Abiding Hope Lutheran Church in Littleton was with us to discuss the idea of reverting back to first and second century beliefs of the Jesus community. This challenged us to question the doctrine that many of us have grown up with and reminded us that there is always room for our faith to grow and change.

We are so blessed to have these speakers teach us, challenge us, listen to us, and share their perspectives with us. As a result of their leadership, we can go forth into the summer with an eagerness to create similar experiences for our campers.

Memorial Day Work Weekend

As the holiday weekend draws to a close, we lift up the forty volunteers who have donated their time, tools, and gifts to make significant improvement to Sky Ranch facilities. These friends and family of Sky Ranch gathered together with the summer staff to work on a wide variety of projects during the past three days.

Saturday began with an extensive list of projects including improvements to the nurse’s cabin, the greenhouse, and the Backpack Center porch. There were trenches to be dug, cables to be buried and firewood to be chopped. Volunteers brought chainsaws, tractors, work gloves, and lots of enthusiasm.

On Sunday, one group worked to repair the leakage in the shower house roof. Others built trails to expand the disc golf course to a full 18 holes. Still others hauled logs and fed them into the wood chipper. Despite the somewhat relentless rain, hail, and coldness, everyone worked hard to complete their projects.

Today the camp store is stocked, we have an abundance of firewood, there is an internet cable reaching halfway across camp, the backpack center has a facelift, there are plants sprouting in our raised garden beds, and we are ready for summer!

Again, thank you to all of our volunteers; you’ve helped us to prepare for another chapter in the Sky Ranch story. We look forward to the ministry that will take place in the coming weeks!

We’ve been having some technical difficulties with photo uploading, so please see our facebook page for a full picture album!

And So It Begins. . . .

We are well into our third day of staff training where 20 of our staff are beginning to explore our bible study for the summer based off of the theme Gifted to Grow.  While we started off small, our numbers will grow as we continue to complete our staff of 50 talented and passionate young adults.  To help kick off our 2014 staff training session Bishop Gonia joined us and shared the importance of outdoor ministry as well as explored what it means to be “Gifted to Grow.”  We are grateful for his willingness to share his thoughts and lead us in a session of spiritual practices.  These 9 practices will be incredibly useful for our staff as they learn the importance of self care.

Here is a snapshot of some of that session.  There is some great stuff in here that I think all of us should hear as we live in a distracted world.  Thank you again to Bishop Gonia for spending time in community with our staff and helping us explore how to live into our call this summer.