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2013 marks the 50th Anniversary
of Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp!

Celebrate 50 years of Ministry with Altitude.

Remember, Experience, Imagine yourself up at Sky Ranch for the 50th Anniversary All-Camp Reunion – Sept 13-15! Everyone is welcome.

Weekend activities will include hiking, arts & crafts, high & low ropes, basket weaving, several worship opportunities, campfire sing-a-long with s’mores, and guest musician and storyteller Jonathan Rundman.  Come together to celebrate a ministry that has helped to “facilitate an Encounter with Christ on the Mountaintop” for the past 50 years.

Register by calling the office at 970-493-5258.  Adult weekend rates, including lodging/meals/programming, are: $115 in the lodge; $105 in a cabin; $90 in the campground. Call for child rates.  Cost for the bus is $45 per adult and $35 per child under 12 with a $150 family maximum. Deadline for bus reservations: : 9/9/13..

A one-day Bus Excursion sponsored by the Thrivent Community- Sky Ranch Network will be Saturday, September 14th. Luxury coach transportation to Sky Ranch is available with several stops along the Front Range. Enjoy lunch and a variety of camp activities including a concert by Jonathan Rundman ( Fun on the bus includes Sky Ranch Trivia with fabulous prizes.

Drive up on your own for lunch and the concert on Saturday for $35/adult and $25/child.

Check out Jonathan Rundman’s website at

Moose “Hunting”

Up at Sky Ranch, we have a lot of critters. Even during our rainy worship service Sunday morning for the staff, we saw a momma moose and her baby walk by the Outdoor Chapel to munch on some leaves. However, it’s harder to see a moose when you’re actually looking for one. Yesterday for Assisi’s and Tutu’s nature session, I joined them as we walked the Nature Trail to spot and elusive moose. The kids were very excited to be out in nature and try to catch a glimpse of the beast.

The kids geared up with their jackets and cameras as we set out on a cool morning for our nature walk. As we walked along the path, Andrea, our nature specialist for this week, pointed out moose tracks and droppings along the path. I also pointed out trees with the bark stripped off, where moose or deer had most certainly scraped off with their antlers. We walked along the trail down to Beaver River and also to a marshy watering hole where moose are usually common. Unfortunately, our time was up and we didn’t see a moose.

Even though we didn’t see a moose that day, the kids were still very enthralled with being out in nature. During the debrief, the girls commented on seeing birds, squirrels and many different types of flowers. They also very much enjoyed the sounds and smells of the forest. The experience was calming, refreshing and educational for all! And we will still our keep our eyes peeled for that moose…


Onsite Director

Stepping Out Into Reality

“And Peter answered him, ‘Lord, if it is you, bid me come to you on the water.’ He said, ‘Come.’ So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus; but when he saw the wind, he was afraid and beginning to sink he cried out, ‘Lord, save me.’” – Matthew 14: 28-30

As the Weekend Host at Sky Ranch, I have the unique opportunity to witness perhaps the greatest number of departures from these mountaintops. On Sunday afternoons, parents bravely (although with a bit of hesitant lingering) leave their children for a week of new and exciting adventures. In the middle of the week, the little ones from Roundup head home after an action-packed couple of days at camp. Fridays are filled with the mixed emotions of the campers reluctantly leaving a cabin that has accepted, encouraged, and held them in faithful community. Shortly after that, the staff barely finds time to pack before hightailing down the mountain for greasy burgers and unlimited showers. At the end of the weekend our wide array of weekend guests head back home for the weekly routines of life.

As we prepare for our final week of summer programming and as the staff prepares to say their final goodbyes to campers and this place we all call “home,” departures have once more become a major theme in our lives. “Back to reality.” Or, at least that is the refrain we’ve heard from countless sponsors, campers, and staff over the past weeks and months. Back to homework; back to work; back to drama; back to bills; back to expectations; back to being defined by our pasts; back to stress; back to reality.

Yet, as a camp centered in the good news of Jesus Christ, we preach another reality. Not the reality of fear and doubt that crippled Peter’s efforts on that stormy sea. We preach the reality that caused Peter to step out onto the water when all the others stared. For one brief moment in the speck of time called life, Peter, called forward by the courage of seeing his Lord amidst the storm, stepped into reality.

Our time here at Sky Ranch is reality. Finding the encouragement and support to overcome a fear of heights and step out onto the zip-line is reality. Intentional relationships that hold us safely in vulnerability are reality. Feeling for a brief moment that we are living the lives we were created to live is reality. Being present without the worries of the future and the regrets of the past is reality. These are the realities that have made camp such an incredible and transformative place for people over the last fifty years. Because at camp we glimpse that reality called the Kingdom of God. Even if for a brief second, at camp, we are called amidst the storms of life to step out into a new reality. God’s reality.

– Joe Natwick, Weekend Host