Following a night of celebration with the 50th Gala, Sky Ranch held it’s annual meeting on Sunday, March 3rd at Zion Lutheran Church in Loveland, CO.  Prior to the meeting, Zion hosted a worship service commemorating the past 50 years of Sky Ranches ministry.  It was an opportunity for alumni and current Sky Ranchers to worship together at a place that has played an instrumental part in the history of Sky Ranch.  Following the worship we gathered in the narthex and enjoyed chili and dessert before diving into the annual meeting.

Mike Williams, President of the Board gave a report on the previous summer including bears, fires, evacuations and, on top of all that, a 15% increase in numbers and finishing out the year in the black.  A successful summer indeed where we can now look to the future and the incredible growth that is continuing to happen for the upcoming summer.  The treasurer, Gene Elder, gave a report on finances while the year round staff shed light on the past, present and future for the camp.

Sky Ranch received two donations during the annual meeting.  Pastor Ken Gibson presented a check on behalf of Grace Lutheran in Woodstock, IL for $5,000 to fund canvas for 4 new tents cabins that will house offsite groups.  Kristin Baltrum presented a check on behalf of Bethlehem Lutheran in Longmont, CO for $5,000 to help kick off our Capital Appeal to raise funding for a new bath house.  Both very generous donations that will allow us to move forward in expanding program and rebuilding the foundational structures of Sky Ranch!

Plaques were presented to Pastor Mark Peterson from Bethlehem Lutheran in Longmont who wrapped up his time on the board at Sky Ranch and Linda Knaack who served for 3 years as our office manager.  We are grateful for everything they have done and continue to do for the ministry of Sky Ranch.  Many blessings on their next adventures!

A lot to be joyous and thankful for!