When Jessa rolled into the backpack center just before 4:00 today, I wasn’t expecting a smile to be on her face.  During the past hour, the weather had gone from bluebird skies to the type of downpour you’d only expect from a hurricane.  This would’ve been no big deal had she been back home in Buffalo, Minnesota, but today was the day hike for her small group.  Her wet hair and tired eyes showed the weight of the eight mile hike, but they paled in comparison to her positive attitude and energy.  Her quick laugh resonated across the room and piqued my curiosity; thus I decided to engage in a little banter.  Maybe a quick conversation would offer a larger glimpse into the group as a whole.  After all, this is the largest Rendezvous group that Sky Ranch has hosted in quite some time.

“How are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m doing well,” she replied, “we almost made it to Emmaline Lake.”  Emmaline Lake, though very picturesque, is quite an ambitious destination for a day hike, and I thought that she would be a little disappointed at not making her goal.  Not Jessa though.  She proceeded to explain how beautiful Cirque Meadows and the Fall Creek waterfall, both checkpoints along the Emmaline Lake trail, were.  Nothing like a little positivity from a high-schooler to make you appreciate your day as well.

With all the rain that we’ve experienced at camp today, I couldn’t help but think of one of our favorite songs called “Grace Like Rain.” After hearing Jessa’s story, I realized that maybe there’s grace in rain as well.  Grace in spending time in the mountains.  Grace in meeting new people.  Grace in forming life-giving relationships with God and one another, even if it includes wet shoes and muddy shirts.  Grace like rain, please continue to pour down on us.



Offsite Director for week 8