Last weekend was filled with fellowship, vision, brainstorming, and time spent in community.  The leadership staff for the 2012 summer staff met at Brad’s house to begin the preparation for an incredible summer of ministry!  Friday kicked off with a reunion of sorts with people flying and driving in from California, Kansas, and South Dakota.  After a brief moment to reconnect and catch up on everyone’s lives in the past year, it was time to get down to business with a brainstorming session on what it means to be a part of the leadership staff at Sky Ranch.  The night ended with a thought provoking devotion focusing on the summer theme: Everyday Grace.

Saturday was another full day of brainstorming, discussion, and channeling our inner creative selves.  The day began with some devotion and a focus on specific roles for the summer.  In the afternoon, with incredible weather, there was time for a game of Frisbee—turns out Frisbee is not any of our strong suits. . . except for maybe Peter Gonia.  After a short break we were back to brainstorming ways in which we could promote creativity and tradition this summer . . . how do we tell the Sky Ranch story?  Overall, the day was productive and filled with new ideas ready to be applied to the upcoming summer.

Sunday was Sky Ranch Camp Sunday at Our Saviors Lutheran Church in Fort Collins, Colorado.  We had the opportunity to do the children’s sermon, play games, sing songs, and sign campers up for a week at camp.  It was wonderful to catch up with kids and parents from summers past and hear the excitement from first time campers looking forward to a week up at Sky Ranch.  The weekend served as the perfect introduction to the summer.  It left those involved excited, anxious, and looking forward to a summer experiencing God’s grace high in the Mountains of Colorado.