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The Summer Comes to an End

Last Friday brought an end to the 2011 summer camping season at Sky Ranch. After a wonderful summer of ministry, of sharing the good news with campers and peers alike, the staff had a chance to celebrate the many meaningful moments of their summer together. After a quick cleaning of camp, the staff got dressed up to enjoyed a fabulous meal prepared by Gary Knutson (Christ, Highlands Ranch). After dinner, we had a closing worship and an end of the summer slideshow. Finally, we finished the evening with midnight high ropes under a sky of brightly shining stars.

As the summer wraps up, we all give thanks for the ministry of Sky Ranch and the many lives that were touched this summer. We give thanks that all of our campers were kept safe and that the light of Christ was shared with so many. We give thanks for everyone that has kept the Sky Ranch staff, campers, guests, and programs in their prayers this entire summer. Finally, we give thanks for these 42 young adults that have spent their summer singing songs, playing games, cleaning bathrooms, going on day hikes, encouraging campers up the high ropes course, and sharing their faith so freely with those around them.

As the summer comes to an end, please continue to keep the ministries of Sky Ranch in your prayers . . . and enjoy some photos from the staff’s final night together.

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Community Dinner Antics

It’s been a summer filled with rainbows—we started out the week with yet another rainbow over the sky. Monday was our annual community dinner where campers, sponsors, and staff have the opportunity to come together and form the base of a community. This takes place at the rec area where kids play volleyball, basketball, gaga ball, and the ever popular dress up your counselor. Dress up your counselor you ask? O yes, this is a chance for the campers to use clothes from our costume closet and dress up their counselor while slathering their face with face paint. As you can imagine the kids love it and so do the counselors. After 10 minutes the campers line the path that serves as the cat walk; the music begins and the counselors represent their cabin the best way they know how with their best walk. At the end the judges meet to choose the best and most creatively dressed counselor. Winners are awarded as marker to sign the “Sky Ranch Log O’ Pride” a bright pink log that says just that, “Sky Ranch Log O’ Pride.” It’s fun for all and serves as a great ending to community dinner.

We are entering our second session of Round-Up and are greeting a few familiar faces from Traveling Day Camp week 1. Our Round-Up program gives 1st through 3rd graders the opportunity to experience everything Sky Ranch has to offer in the span of 2 days. This week we have about 37 round up campers between the 2 sessions split up into a male cabin and a female cabin. At community dinner, round up has the added challenge of dressing up 2 counselors. The girls rose to the challenge and dressed their counselors up in one outfit complete with one shirt, one shirt, and a fishing cap. Currently, they are playing a game of frogger in the lodge as we wait in anticipation for the rest of the group to arrive.

The evenings are filled with the kitchen staff singing at the top of their lungs and let me tell you we have ourselves quite the kitchen staff trio here at Sky Ranch, Brad would be proud.

–Kathryn (Elementary Coordinator)

Chillin’ In The Trees

So there are so many meanings to “Chillin’ in the Trees”. This morning I ate breakfast with the Homesteaders down at Beaver Flats completely surrounded by trees. They spent the night and got to learn about pioneer history from some interesting characters. Then I got to spend some time out at high ropes with Sarah Bailey and Assisi cabin. This was the first time I got to do high ropes with a cabin and it was really awesome. We did an element called Flying V. It is two wires that start close together and gradually moves further apart. One of the girls was really afraid of heights and was telling a story about how the last time she did the high ropes she didn’t even make it up the pole. The first time she tried she made it to the platform at the beginning of the v and then decided to come down. After everyone had gone, she asked if she could try again. This time she got out on to the wire and about a quarter of the way across it. This is why I came up here this summer…to gently push kids out of their comfort zone and to help them reach new heights.

Brandi (Guest Relations)

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A Fine Welcome to Camp

Every Sunday night, as campers are getting settled and are getting to know each other, we all meet together at the Gathering Worship. The Gathering Worship is where all the staff get a chance to introduce themselves and share a bit of where they are from. The campers, as well, get to shout out where they are from.

As we got to know each other this week, Jordan, the Worship and Music Coordinator, introduced the theme, Journey. Exploring the theme, Jordan was asking if anyone woke up in a different state that day. A few raised their hands. He asked who had to drive 2 hours to get here? A handful raised their hands. Who had to drive 3 hours to get here? A few more raised their hands. 5 hours? A few more. Among the boys raising their hands was a first grader from the Round Up program. Jordan asked how long he had to drive to get here. He shouted back, “OH, I DON’T KNOW!” We all laughed. Welcome to camp!

–Ally (Summer Cook)

On Friday, Story Hill, along with John Mieras, played a wonderful concert to benefit the program ministry of Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp. Here are some photos and a video from the evening.

Thanks to everyone who turned out and to the 27 summer staff who were able to come down the mountain and join in the fun. Thank you as well to Thrivent Financial for Lutherans for helping to support the event. Finally, thank you to Story Hill and John Mieras for the great evening and for the support!

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