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Backpacking the Big South

I spent the last three days backpacking the Big South, which goes along the headwaters of the Cache La Poudre river and is a new backpacking route for Sky Ranch. It was the first time that I have been able to get out on trail all summer long and it renewed my love of and conviction for the power of backpacking for retreat and renewal. For me, backpacking is the great joy of getting to feel your muscles work hard and your breath deepen; an appreciation of silence and laughter; the warmth of community (in this case, my wife and two dogs); simply: Time apart in the glories of creation.

I’ve included a few quick photos for those of you who–like me, before this weekend–are burdened by the day to day and haven’t yet had a chance to get away.

And a quick plug: Digital Photography weekend is September 17th – 19th. $125 per participant. Call our office for more details.

The search committee for a new Executive Director has entered the final stage in the search process. Over the past several months, the committee has reviewed resumes, conducted phone interviews, and narrowed the field down to three candidates. These three candidates have all sinceĀ  participated in an in-person interview and site visit. In the next several weeks, the committee will be meeting to prayerfully consider each of the candidates.

Please keep our Executive Search Committee in your thoughts and prayers. Look for our summer newsletter at the end of the month for more information about the Executive Director position and a timeline for having an individual in place.

This is an important moment in the life of Sky Ranch: May God be with the committee members as they discern the future of this great ministry!

For the past four days, members of Christ Lutheran Church in Highlands Ranch, Colorado have been leaving their mark at Sky Ranch by adopting Stringfellow, one of our oldest and most run down cabins. The transformation of Stringfellow in this short time is incredible to say the least.

The list of projects includes:

  • Tearing off the old deck and building a new deck, twice the size (and a fair bit nicer);
  • Engineering and implementing a drainage system around the cabin;
  • Taking off all the old tar paper on the back of the cabin and replacing it with new paper, plastic, sheets of OSB, and new slab wood;
  • New painted ceilings in three rooms;
  • Demo and replacement of framing that had been eaten by ants;
  • New light fixtures in the rooms and outside;
  • Painting walls in two of the rooms;
  • New curtains throughout;
  • And the list goes on and on–Frankly the pictures will tell the story better than this long list!

Thank you so much to each of the individuals who gave of their time and energy to make such a significant impact at Sky Ranch. And thank you to Christ Lutheran Church for the continued partnership and support of the Sky Ranch ministry!